Thermal Socks for Women

Treat your toesies with our winter essentials. Enjoy the cozy feeling of fleece lining or get whimsical in a knitted style to combat those cold mornings without changing all your clothes! Layer on thermal tights for added warmth and have fun styling them under dresses, skirts, jeans – you name it! Our range includes knitted styles, fleece-lined designs, and layerable tights for any outfit or weather condition- from the coldest mornings to everyday wear.


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Thermal Socks Buying Guide & Factors To Consider

You can make your feet feel warmer with the right sock choice. Wool and heat-generating socks are perfect for winter, ensuring that you stay warm even during those chilly moments when it’s time to venture outdoors. Simply switch out cotton or cotton blend socks in favor of wool or technical fabric ones so that you never have cold toes again!

How to Choose the Warmest Socks for Cold Feet

  • Circulation – When circulation slows to your feet, it’s easy for toes to get cold. Thermal socks with subtle compression can help blood flow and keep you warm when the temperature drops, so they’re a must-have item during winter months.
  • Thermodynamic Materials – Silver, copper fibres or fleece are the key to staying warm for longer. These materials do a better job of reflecting heat back onto your feet than cotton and will keep you warmer in any season by preventing heat loss as much as possible.
  • Moisture-Wicking for Dry Feet – If you’ve ever had wet feet in the winter, then you know that your cold-fighting strategy is already lost. Make sure to find socks with fast drying fabrics and moisture wicking capability for a dry start on keeping warm this winter!

Thermal Socks for Women FAQ

What type of socks keep feet warmest?

Keeping your feet warm is important in the winter, and wearing thermal socks can help. Socks made of wool are popular because they retain warmth better than any other type of material. Wool is a natural insulator that reflects your body heat back to you. There are so many options out there these days, from fleece to lanais with thermal liners – but regular wool has an unmatched reputation for keeping feet the warmest.

Additionally, wool socks offer an added layer of warmth against cold surfaces as well such as tile or concrete floors, and even protect feet from freezing in climates prone to extreme temperatures.

What is a good tog rating for socks?

Tog is a unit for the thermal insulation property of clothing. As in, how well one can keep their body warm. It stands for Thermal Overall Grade on a scale of 1 – 8 with 8 being the piping, most insulated and – by that standard – the best performing garment with regards to warmth.

Generally speaking socks need to be more than 0.5 tog, but less than 3.0 tog, to feel warm enough for people who live at temperatures of around 23ºc and below.

Ultimately, this is a difficult question because a person’s body temperature depends on their sex, age, the climate they live in, what time of day it is, other considerations. However an average rating is 1.5 – 2.0 togs for women and 2-2.5 togs for men living at temperatures of around 23 degrees centigrade and below.

Is it ok to sleep with socks on?

It is not advised to sleep in socks because feet can sweat profusely while asleep, depending on the individual. Also, if you get blisters or calluses on your feet it can be difficult to remedy them.

Some people prefer a cooler sleeping environment and have found that wearing socks at night helps keep their feet from sweating. However, your foot condition may worsen over time if you do not wear shoes during the day.

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