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Start the term right with our high quality range of boys and girls school socks and tights. School socks are a crucial part of your child’s school uniform. They can also be one of the most frustrating items to buy, as every child seems to have different needs and preferences. Shop these essentials today using our filters and take advantage of our free delivery and low price guarantee. Should you require help make contact with our online team.


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School Tights & Socks Buying Guide 2021

Socks are an important part of any child’s school uniform. They keep their feet warm in the cold weather and cool in the hot weather. Tights are also a necessary product for many children to wear when it is cold outside, but the right style and brand for kids is not not always easy to find. This guide will help you with socks tights and other product considerations so that your child has no problems getting ready for school each day!

Here are a few tips and factors to consider when buying socks for school:

  • Odour Management – Your kids will be wearing these socks a lot and walking from class-to-class, and as such, feet will get sweaty. We would recommend buying a large pack so your child can change their socks daily, our cotton and polyester socks come in packs and are ideal for this.
  • Reinforced Toes & Ankles – This is not one of the essentials but look for reinforced toes or heels so they hold their shape longer. This will improve the durability and longevity of new socks.
  • Comfort – These socks will be the most used ones in your kids wardrobe and we would recommend investing in comfortable options. Again, cotton and polyester are great for comfort.
  • Quantity – Depending on the size of your household you will want to invest in a large pack of socks. This means children can change these regularly to avoid odours and destroying the fabric. Luckily, all of our options on this page come in a pack.
  • Neutral Colours – To avoid getting in trouble at school and complying with uniform requirements – the majority of these back to school socks are white or black. However, if policy permits we have novelty sock options which are new products we’ve added to stock. Search the results below should you want to sort or filter to these.

Girls School Socks

School socks are a great way for your little one to show their school spirit. They can be fun and functional all at once, especially if you stock up on classic white or black options as well as novelty ones. Our range of girl school socks makes it easy to stock your library with everything your little one will need for the year. We have classic white and black options, as well as novelty ones, so you can pick out a pair that fits their personality perfectly. Buying girls school socks has never been so easy!

Sport Socks

Sports socks are an integral part of any sport. They can be uncomfortable when they squish your toes or bunch up in the back, so it is important to find a good pair of sports socks for your child. One of the most important things you can do for your children is to ensure that they have properly fitted, comfortable clothes. If you are a parent, then chances are good that your child plays sports and needs socks. It’s best to buy socks in pairs so that one pair is always clean while the other has time to air out or wash. The best type of sock for sports is usually made from synthetic materials like nylon because these types typically offer more support than cotton (which tends to soak up sweat).

The following information will give some insight on how much each sport requires different kinds of socks: some sports need ankle length no-show; basketball players need crew; soccer and rugby players need knee high; volleyball players need knee high with compression sleeves. Please use our search function to sort and filter (e.g. colour) to get an appropriate product for your style of uniform.

School Socks FAQ

What are school socks made of?

Answer: School socks may be made from wool, cotton, polyester, nylon and other materials. Different types of wools or cottons absorb perspiration in different degrees. Wool socks retain the most moisture by far and for this reason are used in athletics to pull sweat away from skin and prevent blisters and skin breakdown. Cotton is a poor choice for wet conditions such as winter trekking when feet tend not to sweat much, but it dries fast after getting wet. Nylon socks dry quickly too; they make an excellent dry liner inside leather boots. Polyester is probably the fastest drying synthetic material used for socks.

How to label socks for school?

Answer: You can use a label machine or pre-printed labels to label socks. We would recommend that you label these with your child’s name and class number (if applicable).

Should you wear socks or tights to school?

Answer: This is entirely dependent on your school’s uniform policy. In general it’s going to be more comfortable and safer for your health if you wear socks with shoes- so that there is no pressure on your toes from the shoe rim rubbing back and forth against them which can cause inflammation. Check with your school and base your decision around this.

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