What are Tube Socks?

What are Tube Socks?

What are Tube socks? 

They are a type of sock that covers the entire foot and lower leg. They are typically made from a tube of fabric, with the top end open for the foot to slip through and the bottom end closed or seamed.

Tube socks can be worn by both men and women, and are often seen as a comfortable and casual fashion statement, much more noticeable than your normal crew socks.

For a quick and brief history lesson, the very first tube sock were designed as athletic socks made by the Nelson Knitting Company in 1967 and took the American hosiery industry by storm and became one of the most popular additions to athletic wear and have since become a staple in the fashion world.

Tube Socks explained

Tube socks are the kind of socks that people usually wear when they go jogging or playing sports. They are also very popular among school children as they can help prevent grass burns.

Tube socks are very useful because they can protect your feet from getting scratched by shoes using a bit more material that reinforced toe and they can also absorb sweat. Some people also like to wear tube socks because they are very comfortable.

Tube socks are usually made from cotton or polyester. They come in different colours and patterns.

You can buy them in packs of two or three. Tube socks are a very useful type of sock and they are worn by many different people, whether you have nice silky smooth legs or hairy legs, if you're into sport or just want to make them a part of your street style.

  1. Tube socks are socks that have a long, cylindrical shape and fit tightly around the leg.
  2. They are typically made from a cotton/polyester blend and can be worn for athletic activities or everyday use.
  3. Tube socks come in a variety of colours and designs, and can be purchased at our online store.
  4. They are also often given as gifts, especially around the holidays.
  5. Some people prefer to wear tube socks over other types of socks because they provide more support and coverage.

Why do you need tube socks?

According to Teen Vogue, once upon a time white tube socks were considered to be a staple in many dad's wardrobes and were often paired with sandals which wasn't exactly the "street style."

This was of course before the likes of Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez made a significant impact on how the general population feels towards these now popular socks by rocking them in various different ways.

Plus with the the help of top end brands from the likes of Valentino and Stella McCartney they are slowly becoming the most popular socks on the market.

You might be asking yourself "why do I need tube socks?" and the simple answer is because they are just better.

According to Soxy.com when comparing tube socks to your regular crew sock, tube socks came out on top in almost every argument, they fit better no matter your shoe size, they are overall more comfy and the simple shape will always shape to you and your body.

Soxy even argues that tube socks are perfect for children as they will always fit even during growth spurts, the only con Soxy would provide is that they bunch up easily, which you could argue is the new fashion for them.

What makes our Tube Socks better?

With tube socks becoming the new in thing, anyone who is anyone is starting to stock their shelves (digital or not) with them, which raises the question "Why should I buy from Socksmad?" to which I will answer for you now.

What are Socksmad all about?

Well the clue is in our name, we are mad about giving you great quality socks, we've got 10 years in this industry creating an entire arsenal of different socks of the highest possible quality. We create knee high socks, crew socks, high rise socks but the tube sock is what we're talking about today.

Why should I shop with Socksmad?

This is a fair question, if everyone is getting their crew onboard the tube socks trend what sets us apart? Well, we've already spoken about our 10 years of experience in the garment industry.

We are also a UK local company that ships out to the UK and Europe. In addition to this we also offer free delivery in the UK for any orders that exceed £25, for other shipping related information please visit our website.

What do you do differently?

We only use the best materials available to us whether that's the softest cotton or renewable bamboo, not only do we use the finest materials for our products but each and every sock and garment we produce is made with extreme care and love as we believe our customers deserve the very best product possible. Which is why we have been in business for 10 years now.

 Tube Socks FAQs

What's the difference between crew socks and tube socks?

Tube socks are the most popular type of sock in sports. They're unique because they have no heel area, making them ideal for running or other high-impact activities like basketball and soccer where you need maximum cushioning against hard surfaces beneath your feet! a Crew sock on the other hand (or foot) are designed with a heel spot, meaning they aren't as interchangeable from one foot to another, plus they don't cover as much as a tube sock would.

Are tube socks still a thing?

As we mentioned earlier tube socks came in fashion in the late 60's for sporting reasons and even back then it was considered the "cool" thing to wear. Now with the likes of Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner rocking tube socks with any kind of outfit, they are at the forefront of sock fashion choices. Most notably Kendall has been seen recently sporting white tube socks with a matching all white outfit.

Wrap Up & Conclusion

So to wrap everything up in a nice bow we'll give a quick run down of the main points we've covered in this article and hopefully it has convinced you to ditch the crew socks and make the switch to tube socks.

  1. What are tube socks? Tube socks were originally designed by Nelson Knitting back in the 60's intended to be used by the American athletics community and it just makes sense that they were the perfect choice for them.
  2. The key idea of tube socks was that one size fits all and was designed for the human foot to be a comfortable tubular shape almost to be legging like in the design but with an old school twist.
  3. Tube socks can go with almost any fashion taste, boots, leggings, jeans and sneakers, as they come in a variety of patterns that you you can stretch and pull up or have them round your ankles.
  4. We at Socksmad are dedicated to creating the highest quality socks for our customers, only using the very best cotton and bamboo, but most importantly we take care and pride in every product we create. You could say we're mad about socks.
  5. We also offer free shipping to the UK for orders over £25, we ship internationally too, because nobody should miss out on owning some of the very best socks the UK has to offer, to find out more and to find your style, visit our website today and find the socks that are the perfect fit for you.